Karam Kriya Consultancy Training
Three-year training course, starting from March 2020.

“The healing conversation through applied spiritual science and the reference guide of numbers.
Get out of your karmic history and patterns, learn to help others in transformation. Contact and develop your highest potential and guide others on the path to their destiny. ”
Shiv Charan Singh

Numbers are essential principles constantly at work, which establish precise methods of interaction between living beings, objects, dimensions.
As such, they constitute a key tool in understanding the relationships we establish with ourselves, with people and with the environment in which we live.

Karam Kriya is a path of meditation, centering and understanding of the world guided by numbers.
Recognizing their qualities and influences allows you to refine communication and raise awareness, transforming language into a healing tool.

Karam: karmic structures, patterns of behavior that we relive over time, with no other results than repetition.
Kriya: completion, exhaustion of these structures and creation of new behaviors that support the awakening of awareness, with the establishment of new habits that take time to go beyond time (dharma).
Karam Kriya: action that leads to the exhaustion of karma and the affirmation of the conscious Self.

The School for Applied Numerology Consultants Karam Kriya, founded and directed by Shiv Charan Singh, offers a training course aimed at those who want to deepen their knowledge of themselves and others through the mystical, universal and at the same time individualized language of numbers.

• Who it is for
to all those who wish to experience their authentic self;
training could be particularly useful for teachers, counselors, therapists and those who work in the social sector.

The course is organized by Ravijit Kaur and Suhab Kaur, under the supervision of Shiv Charan Singh.