For many oriental disciplines, Nabhi, the navel point, is a fundamental energy center for the harmony of the body and psyche.
Centre of fire and action, it contains the strength and the rhythm needed to keep up and constantly sustain the blooming of the heart, where the potential human unfolds and expresses itself through consciousness and conscious choices.
Welcomed by an intensely alive and present nature, we found an equally significant nucleus here, in the Apennines mountains between Bologna and Florence, immersed in an uncontaminated and peaceful area.

We called this place Centro della Terra: a place dedicated to mother Earth, at service of the possible human and of the awareness of all beings.
It is here that we decided to realize our project of knowledge, creativity and conscious life style.
Our Centre is suitable for practicing the disciplines that most benefit from a quite, clean environment.
Here we organize courses and host people who wish to spend some days in the woods to practice and to listen to the wisdom of nature, getting away from the chaos of the cities to get closer to their true self.

Ravijit Kaur

Is a student, a Kundalini Yoga and a Karam Kriya - Applied Numerology Consultant & Trainer.
She studies Gurmukhi alphabet and offers courses for beginners who want to approach the Sacred Scriptures of the Sikhs.
She studies with Shiv Charan Singh since 2008 and it is above all thanks to him that she rediscovered the path and the poetry of Sikh Dharma.
Deeply transformed by Guru Nanak’s Japji, she translated the original text into italian.
She studied cultural anthropology in Bologna, where she obtained a first degree with a thesis in classical world religions and a second degree focused on the contemporary transmission in the West of ancient oriental philosophies.
In addition to conducting Yoga Kundalini weekly lessons and offering Karam Kriya consultations, she is responsible for organizing seminars and events at the Centro della Terra.
She loves walking in the mountains, composing poems and listening to inspiring music.

Luca Zanoni

Born in Messina in 1972, he spent the first twenty years mainly in Rome, where he began to study photography. He continued to study in Milan and finally in Finland, in Lahti, where he explored and experienced the main applications of visual arts.
Back to Italy, he worked both in the field of photography and in the setting up of art exhibitions. His love for travels brought him several times to Africa, where he spent long periods in the regions of the Western Sahel and developed a couple of photographic research projects in support of local cooperation realities.
The passion for walking as an introspection tool led him to undertake several pilgrimages and in 2011 he moved to Elba island, where he opened a creative woodworking laboratory.
As environmental excursion guide AIGAE, at the Centro della Terra he continues his artistic research, he takes care of the place and accompanies visitors to the discovery of the natural beauties of the area.

You can enjoy Luca's photography visiting his personal website: