Centro della Terra is a simple and welcoming place, managed by Nabhi Association. It is a big country house consisting of five separated apartments, a wide and bright wooden practice room and a big shared kitchen, all surrounded by woods and meadows astride the Appennine ridge which overlooks the upper Reno Valley.

It is a quiet, special place between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, easy to reach both from Bologna and from Florence, enclosed by the Regional Park of Suviana and Brasimone Lakes, the Acquerino Biogenetic Reserve and the Regional Park of Corno alle Scale.

The Centre has been established for hosting residential workshops and retreats as well as for accommodating friends, families and individuals who wish to be surrounded by wild nature, starry skies and silence.

Here you can practice Kundalini Yoga every day, experience archery, hike over the trails leading to Suviana and to the Rocchetta Mattei or enjoy the thermal baths of Porretta, reachable in ten minutes from our Centre.
We invite you to come and savour the fragrance of the oaks, to admire the stars, to walk slowly and relish the warmth of the Earth, breathing deeply and stepping back into your own inner centre.

Centro della Terra is dedicated to the practice, the study and the promotion of disciplines of awareness and art, with the aim of offering a space of conscious life style and dialogue between nature, human and spirit.

The heart of the activities are the garden and the practice room, created specifically to do Yoga, meditate and sit together in front of the stove, but also to dance, enjoy good music and poetry. It is a large and at the same time intimate space, surrounded by windows overlooking the mountains, well exposed to the light of the sun and of the moon.
Part of the room is the small library available to visitors, where you will find books dedicated to nature and the territory, history, western and oriental philosphy, cultural anthropology and art.
In addition to the residential courses and the internships the reatreats that we offer, it is possible to attend Kundalini Yoga lessons and the weekly activities that we carry out regularly all year round.

All courses are reserved to Nabhi members.
If you wish to join the association and become a member, you are welcome to come and visit us at Centro della Terra or contact us by e-mail.

Those who prefer outdoor activities, during Summer can practice on the lawns, among the oaks or on the large terrace adjacent to the Yoga room.

Those who want to walk or offer walking meditations will find several paths that cross the woods around of the Center: from here you can easily reach the Alta Via dei Parchi, which from the shores of Suviana lake reaches the forests of the Casentino, crossing landscapes of enchanting beauty.